Teaching Methode

Montessori Method

Named after Maria Montessori, first woman physician, this method, in its essence, deals with developing the personality of a child through sensory learning which includes touching, smelling, seeing, tasting, rather than learning and reading. The classroom includes the use of such self-correcting material, which is demonstrated by the teachers and reenacted by the children. The activities are more work based rather than play based in the sense that the focus is more on reducing errors and promoting concentration abilities among the children. Also, since it aims to improve the concentration abilities of children, the classrooms and material is aesthetically designed and gives a home like feeling to children.

Playway Method

A very widely accepted and popular method of pre-school teaching has been the play way method. Essentially, this school of thought believes that the best way of teaching a child is through taking up activities. The institutions rely having of activities such as role plays, virtual games, singing, free play and a lot more, to teach children. It is believed that such a method of learning brings exposure to the child in a friendly environment with no pressure at all. The focus is entirely on the needs of the child and the activities revolve around fulfilling such needs.
Playway method has been widely accepted by educational institutions dealing with young kids in the age group of 3-5. It fits well with the commitment and aim of not burdening the kids with tasks they are not yet capable of performing..